Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm a db4o MVP


Well, this came as a great surprise to me. Today I received an email from db4o.com explaining I had been selected as db4o MVP thanks to my TEAM's db4o Management Studio application. (Blog post here. Download from here.

I'm the 11th in the list of MVPs: dVPDirectory2010

I've been using db4o for a while. About a year ago I created the db4o Management Studio because I found no suitable tool to inspect a db4o database. This is an issue when you don't have the definition of the classes you have stored in that database, or even when you just don't want to spend time writing an application to inspect the database.

Finally, here is an extract from the email:

Let me be the first to congratulate you! You have been selected as a db4o Most Valued Professional (dVP) awardee for the year 2010.
The dVP is our community program first launched at the db4o User Conference (dUC) in July 2006 in London. The purpose of the initiative is to honor individuals like yourself who have shown a large commitment towards the db4o Community - by providing valuable peer support in the forums or outstanding contributions to the db4o software ecosystem (such as db4o related projects, articles, books, translations, etc) or by consistently spreading the word about the db4o technology (through blogs, webcasts, etc). The status is awarded for a given year (in this case 2010) and has to be re-earned every year.

Nice :-)