Monday, March 11, 2013

TEAM.BabyHost: leave your baby playing in the PC


If you ever wanted to leave your baby or toddler playing some game in the computer without fearing he will inadvertently (sometimes I doubt it!) do nasty things, like closing all your other windows, open every possible  application and discovering all kind of keyboard shorcuts you had never imagined existed:

TEAM.BabyHost is your friend

TEAM.BabyHost lets you open any web page in a controlled sandbox. With so many flash games already available you just need to navigate to the web page or point it to a local flash file.

Get your copy here in bitbucket.

How does it work?

TEAM.BabyHost is a full screen application which intercepts most of the special keyboard shortcuts available in Windows applications. In fact, it can intercept all shortcuts except for Ctrl+Alt+del and Windows+L. Those might be coming in the future though so if you like the application stay tuned.

As a full-screen application it prevents babies from using the mouse outside of the window too!

How does it look?


Your feedback is very welcome. Get in touch by sending an email to, by leaving a comment here or by creating an issue in bitbucket.

Single Action Controller: more improvements

It's been more than a year since the last entry and I've done more improvements to the implementation of Single Action Controller in TEAM.Commons.Web. Most of the improvements have been around removing magic strings and using types instead.

The following gist shows some examples of what you get:

If you like type safety and finding errors at compile time rather than build time, you're going to love this approach, together with enabling view compilation.

On top of that I've also added some methods to help with testing of applications built with this library. This is how you verify that an action returns a View:

And this is how you check that an action returns a redirect to another Single Action Controller: