Thursday, August 27, 2009

TEAM's TimeTracker v2.2.0 is out

A long time ago I built an application to manage the time me and my co-workers spent at work. I built the tool to be very simplistic and useful.

Although I published it in SourceForge since the beginning, I didn't have notice of any other users of the application until recently, on July 15th 2009, when Softpedia included the application in their database:

From that moment on some people started using it and it became obvious that the errors which we were already used to were a blocking issue for most people out there. That's why I've spent some time fixing those errors (and hopefully not introducing new ones).

Thanks to Randy Schultz for reporting most of the issues, and thanks to my former co-workers in Expectra for using the application no matter what, the TEAM's TimeTracker v2.2.0 is available at SourceForge:

This version is able to automatically migrate the old data you had if you were using v0.1.0.

I hope you like it.


Román F. Quiroga said...

Ya viste VersionOne?

No es gratis, pero vale la pena...

Rodolfo Grave said...
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