Sunday, September 12, 2010

TEAM.Commons: Introduction

This is the 1st of several posts about TEAM.Common, a set of functionality I use in every project and that I'd like to share.
  1. Querying.
  2. Formatting objects into readable strings.
  3. Threading - part 1 (introduction)
  4. Threading - part 2 (parallelization)
  5. Messaging (in-process and inter-process)

For some time I've been trying to organize, stabilize and share some common code I use in all my projects and that I find myself copying over and over.

This code matures with me and it will be nice to keep some part of my evolution as a developer in this code's history.

Last time I published what I called Romialyo SDK. Since then I have already made some improvements and stopped using git in favor of Mercurial, so here is the new TEAM.Commons.

I'll try to blog about it because I feel there are many things in there that could be used by many people and more importantly, I'd love to get some feedback on this code because it contains what I feel are the best things I've coded.

Any improvement on this code will be a direct improvement on my abilities.

Remember, you can get all this code for free at bitbucket:

Check it out to get ideas, or simply use it as it is. It's working out for me and my team.

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